High Quality Support with a Christian Ethos

Residential services for young adults with learning disabilities

Trustee Report

After 27 years of providing residential and occasional day care services in Bolton from Thicketford Place in Tonge Moor we are sad to report the closure of our existing facility on 30th June 2021.

The Cornerstone Trust has continuously provided high quality care within a secure Christian homely setting for adults with Autism and Severe Learning Disabilities. During the past two years however, the Covid-19 pandemic has seriously impacted our ability to recruit new people to fill our existing resident vacancies. This has resulted in severe financial constraints and with our reserves diminishing by the day, we were no longer in a position to maintain our residential care home in Bolton.

In conjunction with Bolton Commissioning Team the Trustees and Manager have successfully placed all three residents in suitable alternative accommodation.  Further more, all staff have secured alternative work, some continuing to work with two of the residents.

Hopefully, in the future Cornerstone Trust will continue to operate in some capacity but within a changed organisational framework. The existing Trustees are committed to developing the work in a new direction in accordance with Gods providence and sovereign purpose.

Cornerstone Trust is a registered charity. Registered Charity No.1003948